I am overwhelmed, lonely, confused and constantly fighting with my partner.

The feeling of loneliness, frustration at hurting your lover often too much to bear. I have tried so many ways to reconnect with my partner and nothing seems to work. My attempts to reconnect end in fighting. We are doing the business of raising children but we have no connection. I have even tried couples counseling, talking to friends and even my pastor but nothing seems to bring love back to my relationship. I have even considered divorce. I don’t want to divorce. I want to love again.  

If this is you. 30 couples 30 days is the program for you. Its an intensive online program designed to strengthen your relationship under the guidance of an expert for 30 days.  You do not have to leave your home for this program. Just login every day for 30 days do the work necessary.       



  • The pain of fighting with your lover can be overwhelming.
  • How can we find love again?
  • I’m ready to give up?
  • I can’t leave now but this unhappiness is almost unbearable ?
  • I want to laugh again, love again, hope again?
  • If you want the fighting to stop and want to transform your relationship for 2017. Join other couples as they too fight for their relationship.

Start 2017 Growing Your RelationshipLearn To Fight Fair in 30 days. Get Daily Tips, Tools and Guidance.
Join an Online Community of Other Couples Better than Once a Week Couples Counseling Maker Faster Progress

Couples Coaching
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1At checkout $148.50 USD
2after 2 weeks $148.50 USD
Total $297.00 USD
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In Our 30 day program each couple receives the following:

  • 24/7 access to a private closed Facebook group
  • 100 Point online assessment to scientifically determine the strengths and areas of relationship improvement
  • Expert Review of Relationship assessment with feedback via video conference
  • Daily video tips and tricks to reduce conflict and improve intimacy
  • Accountability video sessions to reinforce skills
  • Ask relationship questions and receive a video response
  • Testimonial from couples in the group to support other
  • Book of the week
  • ​Article of the week
  • Guest post from experts on how to survive infidelity, managing money conflicts, how to heal after conflict, military couples and conflict, How to find playfulness again and dealing with parenting conflicts
  • Implement the 10 principles psychologists, neurologists and therapists have confirmed will transform your relationship
  • Discounts on follow-up private session live or by video conference
  • Upgrade to 4 private video sessions with Carlos Todd, PhD for $147
  • ​After signing up you will be given access to a secret Facebook group. Progam begins on Jan. 1, 2017

After signing up you will be given access to a secret Facebook group. Program begins on Feb. 15, 2017